Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I publish my polls or surveys?
A: You can publish the created polls or surveys on your website or blog site. You also have the choice of publishing them on or our partners’ sites. In addition to publishing your own polls, our poll network also has ways for you to run polls and surveys created (and already started elsewhere) by others. There are many possibilities.

Q: Where can I publish my poll or survey if I do not have a website or blog?
A: You can publish your poll or survey directly on Just click the “Host Poll” button on the My Polls screen. After specifying a few parameters and clicking the “Save” button and then you’re done! You will be given a URL which is the link to your poll on You can email the link to your friends or anyone that may be interested in taking the poll. You can even specify a user-friendly URL name for your survey page (assuming it has not been taken by anyone else.) The page even allows you to add search keywords and description for it to be easily found by search engines.

Q: Why do I need to register to create polls?
A: This is to ensure the quality, integrity and performance of our services. Without registration, we are unable to identify the owner of the polls for them to be modified or reported after the creation. This resulted in many orphaned (abandoned) poll entries that never get run in the past, which take up many spaces and affect performances. The registration is really a very simple process, and it only requires a working e-mail.

Q: Do I need to register even if I only want to test drive the service?
A: No. There is a sandbox area where you can create and test run your polls without need to register. Only the simplest poll styles are available in the test area and the data in there are purged periodically without notice.

Q: What is required to use this online poll service?
A: Usually you need a place to display the poll. This can either be a traditional website or a web space hosted by some sites that allow you to publish contents. If you do not want to display your own polls or do not have a website or web space, we also have the option to have your polls run on other places on our network.

Q: Can you briefly describe how does the whole process work?
Step 1: Register on our site and create a user ID and password.
Step 2: Log in and start creating your poll by selecting some styles and entering your questions.
Step 3: Save and test run your poll. Make changes if necessary.
Step 4: (optional) Copy the automatically generated HTML codes to your web page where you want the poll to appear.
Step 5: (optional) View the survey results.

Q: Do I need to install anything to display polls on my website?
A: No. All you need is to copy the automatically generated HTML codes and our service will handle everything else. There is nothing you need to install or maintain on your end.

Q: Is your service completely free?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there any limit to how many people are able to vote on your site's polls, and is there any limit to how many polls I'm able to publish?
A: No and no.

Q: When I put more than one poll unit on the same page, they start to act strangely. What is going on?
A: There is a "unitId" parameter (see the highlighted area in the picture) in the Poll Code that is set to "1" by default when you get the code. If you wish to put multiple poll units on the same web page, make sure to change the "unitId" so that each unit has a distinct value. For example, if you have three poll units, assign "1", "2" and "3" to these units.

assign different unitId